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The Pendulum
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Writing is a mode of communication that reaches a multitude even after the writer has passed on. It is a skill, if put into positive use can change perspectives of the public and therefore have an impact on their way of life.

Writing is a mode of communication which is not influenced by the dress code and lifestyle of the writer, let alone the accent in speech and the looks of the writer. Aspects, if not adequately tamed, can possibly create a bias on reception as it is in public speaking.

Writing is a gift in many youth. This gift is usually discovered and for some, they choose to exercise this gift by putting into writing ideas and perspectives they may have.

For some, it is a way to express of their feelings or their perspectives about certain affairs taking place around them. This therefore creates a mode of communication for many.

For some up coming writers, they choose to write short compositions, and poems in a journal. Those who choose to avail their write-ups to the world through approaching newspapers, and magazines. If the public media accepts to offer publicity for their articles, it provides the much needed motivation for them to delve even further in the world of writing.

There are those who opt to take on studies related to writing so as to take their skill to a professional level and probably to gain opportunity to work with media houses in the writing and editing department.

There is another category of youth who have the gifting of writing and can express ideas and perspectives through writing. They choose to exercise their writing ability and write up their ideas and perspectives in a journal. However, as they grow up, they become busy with career development and soon writing does not appeal to them because they were hardly noticed or the cost of publicity in media does not motivate them.
For this category, they choose to put their writing to a halt because they were not encouraged by peers and relatives or they did not have the motivation to take their writing to a professional level and take on the cost of publicizing with newspapers and magazines.
Soon, this writing ability is not put into the much needed use due to limited or no source of motivation.

The concept of publicity, for some, holds a strong impact on their writing.
The Pendulum was motivated by the need for a publicity option for both upcoming and experience writers to make their ideas and perspectives known to the public.

The Pendulum was designed to provide a mechanism through which the public can get to know what goes on in the writer's mind by taking what is in the writer's journal and sharing it with the public.

Ezra Lincoln Akampa

Akampa Ezra is a BORN AGAIN Ugandan male Free Lance computer scientist currently practicing the following fields: website designing, database application development, web-based application development, and database designing.

He is the vision barer, developer and co-founder of the online platform of The Pendulum. He is also the webmaster of The Pendulum.

Akampa has been a part of the following projects.

  • Web-based applications

           Mobile money Transaction processing system. (http://www.globalcitizensinter.org/MM-TPS/)

  • Database Management Systems.
  • Websites
  1. Beyond The Sky Tours and Travel Bureau.

           Akampa redesigned and developed the website of Beyond The Sky Tours and Travel Bureau.

           The upgrade of the design can be view by following this link: http://beyondtheskytours.com/

     2.  Neul

          Akampa also redesigned and developed the website of Neul.

          The upgrade of the design can be view by following this link: http://www.neul.co.ug/

     3. Travel Galore

         Akampa made improvements to the website hosted by Travel Galore. This can be viewed via http://travelgalore.ug/

         Akampa is also currently maintaining the website of Travel Galore.

     4. Kenneth Akampurira Advocates

Akampa designed and developed the website of Kenneth Akampurira Advocates.

 The website can be checked out via http://akampuriraadvocates.com/

    5. The Pendulum

        Akampa is the developer and vision barer of The Pendulum which is purposed to be an online writers’ hub. It can be checked out via http://thepen-dulum.org/

    6. All Saints\' Cathedral Building Project

Participated in the design, development and deployment of the website of the All Saints' Cathedral Building Project website. 

It is available online via http://allsaintskampala.org/acp/

    7. Uganda Councelling Association

Designed, developed,and deployed the website of Uganda Counselling Association.

It is available online via http://www.ugandacounselling.org/

    8. Peace Crusade Africa

         Designed, developed, and deployed the website of Peace Crusade-Africa

It is availble online via http://peacecrusade.org/



Akampa Ezra Lincoln

Phone: +256 777 150986 / +256 718311502

E-Mail: akampa.ezra@gmail.com