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It is 10am Becky a graduate from Makerere University Business school has just woken up. Not that she has been asleep all the while she was just laying in there passing time before she thought of a better way to start her day other than her daily routine of waking up, taking a shower and then watch a movie or two. Today she is actually looking forward to something, she has to go to town and is expecting a phone call from a certain friend of her cousin's ex girlfriend's friend who promised to enlist her for an interview at a certain upcoming bank. That is all she has to do in town for the day she consoles herself that's better than sitting at home and doing nothing the whole day. She believes that her life is worse than that of a new born baby at least for a baby, there is a schedule made by his/ her mom for her to eat and sometimes if not most times cry for more and eventually got to sleep. The time now is noon and Becky calls her partners in crime for a job search Nina has a gig she can't make it, apparently her cousin got her a "kyeyo" for the day which gets her off the hook from spending the day at home. Doreen has been sent by her mum to some executive office "if only I worked there!" Doreen tells Becky. But when she gets off the phone, Becky says "...that is the least that we can do for our parents especially when we do not put any food on the table rather we just eat it all do the entire messenger work." So now she is left alone 'apparently they all have plot' as she referred to it so she waits for the lady friend to call as she waits she tries to dress up after she has done a spontaneous general cleaning of her one room twice in a row. It is spotlessly clean, one can hardly feel the vanish on the furniture so she sits around wondering what to do after dressing. She moves the plastic vase five times to and from the same position she doesn't even notice it. Then the sound of the old song traffic man officer "oh that's my phone" she is excited 'heavens it's her finally thought she would never call" she screams with excitement. Hi she says so... She gets the hit you can see it on her extremely disappointed face. When Becky gets off the phone she just starts undressing and when I ask her what they said she said they gave the job to someone else and they will call her after three months when they are enlisting again. I actually thought she would be filled with tears but no she gets back to her routine she looks for an old series that she has watched before and she looks to the screen steadily. And then she turns to me saying that's how it is so am used you let one day go at a time. That is the life of an unemployed Ugandan and I am wondering, Is this the future we have for all the millions of graduates that leave Universities in the country annually?
..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 29 Oct. 2010




They say it is rare some say it is a gift

One that can be possessed by the lucky ones

One that is immensely felt you lose yourself

And so when you are there it is eternity

You are crazy you can barely notice who you are.

They just don’t get it


They say its confusion

It is bearable confusion an understandable one

Even when you are feeling it you don’t know if it is what you are feeling

It is you doubting what you see

It is an immortal image of one’s fantasies

They just don’t get it


They say it does not discriminate

Some say it strikes hard you don’t get up when you are struck

So why does it get you so blindly hurt

They just don’t get it


It is what it is and when you feel it you realize that there is more to life than what you see on the street

If you can find love then you can forget everything you said

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
posted by: Claire Nantumbwe || posted on: 24 Jan. 2012

Upon thee my faith I proclaim

he in whom there was and is

alpha and omega he is called

writer of time; yesterday, today and next

the giver of all to my dear soul

here now my whole i pour onto you

if be lost, it to be in your embrace

that it may rise through your goodness.


Today i shall only worship thy name

only to you my king I shall bow

like angels high above in the heavens

singing the words of worship

holy holy holy you are Lord

savior and protector of my soul

the father of love and all about it

my fountain purity against all sin


Listen; listen to my song of redemption

open your ears to this new voice

a good news of his saving grace

he above the highest there to ever be

greater than any other greatness

hear him cry out at Calvary

break us free of our darkness

for his shed-blood we forgiven live

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 Nov. 2012

I Hate How You Make Me Feel
The Intensity Of The Passion
Is Excruciating And Too Powerful
When Around You, I Loose My Free Will
I Feel Like Am In A State Of Utopia
When You Touch Me, I Feel My Skin
Tighten And My Insides Loosed Up
Like They Have Been Waiting For The Right Touch
Everything About You, I Find Fascinating
Especially The Part Where You Merge
Your Different Characters Into One.
It’s The Things I Hate So Much About You
That Make You Special
Special Because That Are What Drive Me To Utopia!

..:: By: Joan Apio ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 29 Oct. 2010

A land I was told about

this where there is only beauty to see,

where voices are shared by many,

hymes sung in unison.


Sweet it was said it would be.

that, that’s heard of but never seen,

yes, promised it was long before now

thou non has ever stepped foot there,

only visions, dreams draw it to us

till that day it will open onto us

but not all shall go in thy place,

nor even have a glance in there

for only faith can take thee forth,

we journey to it through life

towards that grand destiny we trail

awaiting your entry to travel with us

our family of many souls with one body

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 08 May 2011

In what voice shall i sing of your mercies?

So those that listen can understand

Who it is that i sing these praises to

what clothes am i to wear my king,

as am to stand at your alter today

to speak of a grace that’s kept me

tell of this great counsellor i met

that unburdened me of my sorrows

and gave me a new purpose to live;

Teach me words to say, how to speak

for i know not how to describe you;

who you are, words can’t explain,

greater than greatness and being

author of life giver of breath

all these are no fit for who you are.

You as said are alpha and omega

what was and will become the almighty

the definition of love and glory

you are the rock that breaks death

waters that flow of healing and hope

the flames which light so bright

within the hearts of your followers

those flames that scatter darkness

burn all impunities of the soul

and make man a new being in you

dressed in your full armour; the belt of truth

the breastplate of righteousness,

shield of faith to stop flaming evil arrows,

helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit,

which is your holy word wrote for to us all

dressed to wrestle the schemes of the devil

For a struggle not against flesh and blood,

but against the rulers, against the powers,

against the world rulers of this darkness,

against spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.

and victory shall be ours in the end

thanks be to you who gives us the victory

through our Lord Jesus Christ


..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,” People Say

The Epitome Of False Knowledge

Why Do We Allow Such Folly To Invade Our Hearts!

God Is Not Man To Twist The Truth,

Has He Not Said, “My Power Works Best In Your Weakness?”

I Have The Liberty To Listen To That I Choose

I Refuse To Listen To The Ideas And Thoughts Of Mortals

Who Speak Out Of Their Exhaustible Knowledge!

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,” People Say

Sheer Emptiness…

God Helps Those Who Accept His Help

We Are Unable To Help Ourselves-Like Lost Sheep

Let Men Then Be Quiet

And Let No One Talk Of Who God Help Or Not!

..:: By: Gladys Kikule ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 03 May 2011

Listen to this song that sounds in mind

a beautiful piece of art, an angels’ voice

it’s taken me galaxies, worlds and places

seen more than there was for me to ever see

tasted more than there would be to taste

here is the song that we sing here today

a song of peace, oneness and harmony;


Listen to the song that sounds in unison

victory, a song of victory against him

all singing from every lands and hills

they have defeated him, yes their enemy

fought a war of wars, battle of battles

sleighed, the evil one put an end to war

the final victory is been handed to them


Listen to the song sounding in all lands

a song of conquerors, winners of the war

trumpets being blown from every nation

singing of his wonderful amazing grace

a healing power that he’s laid on them

a voice saying out loud, ‘it’s finished’

it’s a victory to be celebrated for eternity

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 21 April 2011

The race is on, and it’s hard.

a run from what we’ve become,

a darkness that’s crept onto us

eaten the our moral bone dry, 

stripped it of its wonder innocence

slammed with guilt and rejection.


the race to salvation is here,

a run to tranquility, oneness,

blessings wait to be embraced

as winds of festivity flow ahead;

waves of a better life sweep in,

life of mutual trust and respect.


the race to salvation, yes it is,

a run of jubilee, freedom, victory

it’s not about who runs best

but in whom you decide to run

if let him set the pace for you

and follow the tracks he’s laid

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 Nov. 2012

I Thought I Could Make Them Happy

Constantly, I Set A Silver Platter Before Them

Enriched With The Best Of Character

I Displayed The Fullness Of My Inside

I Am Sure I Chose The Best Of Me

Swinging And Moving Their Hands

They Signaled Disgust, I Was Unwanted

I Went To And Fro Hoping And Praying

That My Display Was Right Each Time

Their Scornful Eyes Searching The Beauty Of My Character

As Though It Were Garbage, Useless, Nothing!

I Slowly Raised My Platter And Smiled Ear To Ear

So Plainly And Clearly I Said

“I Guess I Will Try Table 2!”

..:: By: Gladys Kikule ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 03 May 2011

He is---,

the breath you take in

that smile on your face

the warmth within you

he is you at your best.


He is---,

the calm oceans and seas

those soft sounds around

a sweet scent in the air

he is in all there is.


He is---,

the way, truth and life

our messiah and king

beginning, end of it all

he is LORD, God.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 08 May 2011
Your name,--- it was and still is her name.
questions always pricked her twisted mind
why that in all that she heard, be my name,
why be born, a time so crowded with sin,
if he knew about her at the start of time,
if he really had her in plan to live now,
whether she had a purpose on this land,
with doubt of being she lived each day
the dark that consumed her was strong,
all the earth was crushing down on her
she needed her empty pages painted,
painted with answers to her questions,
answers to change her, the times she lived,
make it a blessing to live in these times,
giving her reason to keep her moving on.
A day grows by and she met him, this child
he was so happy, joyful and full of a smile,
singing a song that touched her soul gently
like fresh airs, his breath touched her face
there she felt at peace and so loved,
it was like she had known him for long,
he took her broken heart and nursed it
she felt it, it was calm, different it was new
she realised it was him she was looking for,
the answer, the beginning and end of all life.
..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 24 Feb. 2011

On my knees I am today

to pray, talk to my father

call to his righteous name,

his healing hand, his blood

blood that washes clean.

I am confessing my sins

thanking him for what i have

bringing my fears to him

for i know that he listens

as he promised he would.


Today i run the plains of this land

shouting, calling out to him

he shall hear me and come down

he will dry my tear-filled eyes

heal e  of my own sicknesses

comfort me in my lonely walks.

Father, mother; I shall come home

as his told me the war is won

and he has his angels above our lands 

that will light up our land with blessings

i have the faith and i believe

And that’s all I need, for its enough

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

The Stranger
Minute And Tender But Treacherous
The Stranger
So Strong And Enigmatic But Amorous
We Got Off The Streets
In To Isolation

No One To Blame But
The Stranger
For The Twinge In My Heart
When I Do Not See You In Two Days
For The Comfort I Get At Dusk
When You Talk To Me At Dawn
For The Butterflies In My Stomach
When You Sit Right Next To Me
For The Confusion I Get
When I See You From A Distance
Knowing I Am Going To Run In To You
For The Goose Bumps I Feel
When Someone Mentions Your Name

This Invisible Molecule
The Stranger
Has Made Our Lives Ecstatic

We Used To Hug Now
We Embrace
We Used To Laugh For A Reason Now
We Do Frivolously
We Even Used To Feel Stupid In Silence Now
We Stare At Each Other In Approbation
Look What The Stranger Has Done
The Stranger Lives In Me And Is What I Feel.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 29 Oct. 2010

From the GIVER to the RECEIVER

I have come to learn a lot from the GIVER-RECEIVER relationship. Scripture has it that it is that it is more blessed to give than to receive, in this sense it means the blessing flows to the GIVER when the RECEIVER takes up the position to willing fully receive (Acts 20:35)

In our Human relationships its more blessed to give than to receive. But in our relationship with God, its more blessed to receive than to give. You might wonder HOW?

Answer: Enjoyable life in a relationship is experienced if communication is heeded. Communication in our relationship with God is through PRAYER (Philippians 4:6). Enjoyable prayer is the kind where you are not just giving God your heart but you are receiving His as well. Its refreshing to come out of prayer when you have received. Heb4:16 invites us to come boldly unto the grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need. God is calling us to obtain which means to receive, take, personalize and own. Before ascending back to heaven, Jesus Christ in John20:22 breathed upon His disciples and said to them receive you the Holy spirit but to also introduce them to the great truth of receiving.

When I was wrapping this gift the one person, the one person who saw the ultimate gift was my brother so incase anyone was to know or tell the gift in the wrapper, they would have to inquire form him. Its just the same story with God and the Holyspirit, in our relationship with God we are to engage the Holyspirit so that we can have access/ knowledge of the ultimate gift- then we will know the will of the Father (the GIVER).

So dear RECEIVER open up each day and be ready to receive from God, the wider your heart opens, the more you will receive from the Father. It glorifies God for us to receive all things (John 14:13) Whatever we ask in Jesus name that will He do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Yours faithfully

God the GIVER

..:: By: Amos Ayebazibwe ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 20 May 2011

I have been told that am beautiful;

he met me on my way to the river,

that i am a princess in a far land

a royalty of some great kingdom,

that i have a seat in a big palace

next to the king’s am to be seated,

this king whom i, me, calls father.

That i have a bedroom of my own

or, you may call them chambers,

my own carriage of white horses,

horses, beauty eyes haven’t seen.


He told me so, that i am royalty,

that am not like those around me

as i have what none has received

and seen power not thought to be.

 A power of love, forgiveness, peace,

one that can be received from one,

my father, the king of the kingdom,

ruler of all that was, is or will be, 

the beginning and the end of all life,

he gives life and he receives it back..


I have accepted my role in this life

and this gave me the status i have.

my acceptance to let him lead me

guide me through this long trail

has yielded me royalty, abundance

and i seek not anything more now,

as i belong to the highest of class

now that i am a daughter of Christ.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

There may be moments in your life where there seems to be no life and joy. Where it feels like you are walking through a tunnel and you can not see the light at the end. At times life can feel like, you are falling over a cliff and you do not seem to make sense out of life.


It is in such moments where you need to trust God, to surrender every thing and cast it all at His feet. Back in the day when the Israelites were at the Red Sea, and the Egyptian army was drawing in on them, they must have felt in their hearts that God had abandoned them; that it was a setup to have them destroyed or may be some sort of punishment.


But as you and I know, this was not the case. For a fact, they were at the banks of that sea or a long time. The bible does not record how long, but I believe that it was long enough for doubt to rise up in them, fear to accumulate, joy of deliverance to be stripped off and feelings of rejection to manifest.


There are points in life where we are in the position of these Israelites. The mistake they made was to curse, to doubt, to grumble, and to worry rather that believe and trust God. But when God was approached in prayer, He did that which in history had never happened, He went against the laws of nature He had set in place and altered the natural flow of the River and made it stand still and create walls. He still held up the waters until all His people had crossed over to the other side.


It is in similar moments in our lives that we need to make a choice, to take a stand, decide to trust-even when it all seems hopeless. God desires that we trust Him, to believe that He can do anything just for His people. There is surely no greater comfort than to trust a God at whose word the heaven and the earth were formed, at whose command all nature remains in balance.


Let’s cease to worry about solutions and focus on God who is ever willing to deliver us. Simply talk to God about it all and leave it at His feet. Trust that He can .Believe that He will pull it off for you because he loves and cares about you.


God bless you

..:: By: Ezra Akampa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 19 August 2011

Now that we are to rebuild these walls

that crumbled at the hands of dark roars

stand guard for the thief is still near

do not close your eyes even at night

for that is when he works to his best

keep your eyes from his shinny illusions

and ears from his slanderous voice

relax not for he wants it back down

as its presence weakens his influence

the stronger and taller it becomes

he loses more of how to get to you.


Stand brother and strengthen your wall

carefully place each brick at its spot

for anywhere else your is weak

and it shall easily fall again to him

dress yourself the helmet of salvation,

and hold that sword of the spirit

so his works shall not reach you

plant holy torches around your walls

so when night time of life knocks

the holy flames light your wall bright

to keep his cunning thought out.


Come let’s build our faith back

reaffirmed our faith in him

decide today to rise back to your purpose

walking the path designed for your feet

let not evil even tell you of shorter ones

for only LORD knows your destination

as its he that designs all your walks

walk on now and fear not what’s ahead

your author and guide loves you 

and can never abandon his creation

hold on to his word that he gives you

for that shall lead you home.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to raise the silent voices

make the unheard heard

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to unite all skins together

make the world colourless

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to end the many wars

make peace talks the solution

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to reach to all nations

make Christ’s word heard

heal the wounded souls.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 08 May 2011

Today I saw two sons being born

both with that loud wail they came

innocently eager to meet their destines

to walk that earth and be somebody,

rewrite the thought about their land

they shared a brightness in their eyes.


Today I saw two youthful boys pass by

one with a bag going on to school

running fast to meet his tomorrow,

he held that same brightness in him.

The other with a bunch of firewood

too scared to even hold his head up high,

scared to think, what tomorrow is to be?


Today two men woke up in the morning

one was rushing; he’s to be sworn in today,

sworn in as one of the ministers of state

the other rushed to sit by the roadside,

at least today the minister will see him

maybe, today he will and give him a coin.


Today I saw those two sons of Africa

that were born to be the same, a blessing

but only one got the chance to become

one lived safe and became then, educated

he alone received his right in life.










..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 Nov. 2012

For That Moment You Were Mine.
You Looked At Me
A Smile So Tender, It Moved Me To Bits
It Was A Smile That Said A Million Things To Me
And For That Moment, You Were Mine And Mine Alone

For That Moment You Were Mine
When We Talked And Everything Felt Right
Time For Me Stopped And Left Me To Enjoy The Moment
When I Looked Into Your Eyes
And All I Could See Was Beautiful
It All Seemed To Fit Perfectly
Until When It Was Time To Wake Up
And For That Moment You Were Mine And Mine Alone

For That Moment You Were Mine Alone
When You Made Me Happy
You Made Me Feel Like Your Queen And You My King
When You Held My Hand And Didn’t Want To Let Go
When You Worried About Me;
My Safety, My Happiness And My Inner Peace
And At Once I Felt We Belonged To Each Other
And For That Moment You Were Mine And Mine Alone.

For That Moment You Were Mine Alone
When I Looked At The Sky And All I Could Think Of Was You.
The Cool Breeze Of The Night Reminding
Me Of How Beautiful It Was That I Felt This Way About You
The Tingling Feeling I Got When I Remembered You Holding Me
The Rush That I Felt When You First Kissed Me
Your Kiss Was More Than Spectacular, It Was A Dream Comes True.
For You To Kiss Me, Under The Moonlight And Use Your Arms To Warm Me
It Was An Electrifying Moment
That Still Gives Me Shivers Just By Thinking About It.
We Didn’t Last Long But For The Time We Were Together,
I Believed That You Were Mine And Mine Alone.

..:: By: Joan Apio ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 29 Oct. 2010

Am part of this great plant

the stem feeds me, holds me,

holds me up high to the sun

lets me have the best of being.

It gives me life, a life I have


Am a branch on this plant

i hold the fruit of this plant

my fruit is as good as I am

as sweet as I look and stand

the fruit is my value of being


Am a branch of a vine plant

a vine named Christ Jesus

that stands in a huge garden

a garden planted by my God

i am a branch of the true vine.

                                 John 15:1-12

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 Nov. 2012

The peace in my soul---,

voice heard from inside,

a wave of fresh soft winds,

presence of his great hand

endless blessings flow in

i found it that answer

 it answers all there has been

and those there is to be,

it now lives in my heart,

opens my lips with its word,

feeds my ears the good news

my eyes, miraculous sights

there is a power in this, in me

a power meant for all to feel

a life worth to live, to have

receive, that’s a free cost life

a life only found in him alone

Christ Jesus the Messiah

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

My heart tells me,

that I have found a home.

A place with light that lasts forever.

My soul has never felt gladder

than it is right now.

All the things I have built,

None of them matter right now.

Just being by your side is enough.


My heart tells me,

that I have been awakened.

I could live without everything and nothing:

the music, food, friends and family. But with you.

Nothing holds my happiness now.

Only the love you give that I have been addicted to.

Iam in love with you not knowing how you look like

Nor where you come from


My heart tells me,

You will make all that I call impossible possible.

That is why I choose to give you my life that belongs to you.

Knowing you are somewhere looking at me

Makes me feel more safe and sure of the steps I take.

Because you alone held my hand

from the dark till I saw the sunlight.

My heart tells me,

that I won’t be lonely again.

I shall not run again

Because the one true love exists in me

And that am sure he won’t be going anywhere

Unless his name isn’t Jesus.


..:: By: nanziri benah ::..
posted by: nanziri benah || posted on: 23 May 2013

Will thy father forgive my sin where I begin this walk?

Where, without much thought I hunger for satisfaction

with an endless craving that‘s drowned me to deep waters

enslaved me to the many desires of my own flesh

beauties of this earth, from which only sorrows i get

tearing me down, to addictions to what my eyes see

weakening my passionate inner self, my once joyful soul

this, a thirst that has drained my throat dry to cracks

that i see no better than what is put on this silver plate

with a thought that all on it is silvery like the plate.

Blinded from the body that he fed to his disciples

denying myself the fill of a satisfaction from his table.

so unworthy i have become in this very short time

and yes it’s true, am not worthy to think of his name

for i have sinned and now sin is all my heart beats to,

worked so hard to distance myself from his cross

in which i have succeeded as for today i am lost

lost to the darkness of guilt, my body is chained 

to the walks that it led though it always saw his path

ignoring that tiny voice that would have saved me

that call that tried to warn me of those walks I led


listen as i cry, listen to how heavy my heart weighs

look at all these chains that have crippled my legs

that though he says he’s close by its hard to reach him

to break out of these grips, these chains that i created  

to stand and take that only one little tiny first step

which, as he says is all that i have to do,

one decision, that would save me from all my sin

pull me out of this cloud of rot and prison of chains  

and give me a second chance, open for a new chapter

with a new beginning, story and a new me. 









..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 Nov. 2012

My work is not just poetry

nor is poetry the words on paper

for its more and much wider

a chapter of a life uncovered

a shout of an unheard voice within

speaking aloud to all souls

crying out so they may hear

through the waters to plains

of a gladness in news it carries

echoing to the longest of caves

heard to ears said to be deaf

miraculous happenings and works

that my eyes have come see

and sweetness of word I’ve read

as it says on earth here he came

lived among we, that persecute him

but with his life I was reborn

he shade his blood for my sake

and through him I am forgiven

today I sing he’s alive forever

for death too he defeated

                                                                      am so glad he saves me.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013



The baby that love is

It is not what you call perfect

It is not what we fantasize about when we are teenagers in high school

It is not what we think will come of the person you want to have

It is not living every minute very happy

It is not living to the future


It is like a baby

One that grows from fragile

It crawls and the more it crawls the tougher it gets

So tired that it gets to walk but love is not eternal

Love is a living plant

One that has to lose the buds when they crop up

One that has to be corrected when wronged

Love needs to be nurture like a child

It might die to you

But it cannot die if you nurture it

Smile when you have to

Cry when you have to

Beat it up when you have to

Treat it like the baby it is

And the plant that it is

For it always needs to be taken care of and nurtured

That’s the baby I know love is.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
posted by: Claire Nantumbwe || posted on: 24 Jan. 2012

There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to raise the silent voices

make the unheard heard

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to unite all skins together

make the world colourless

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to end the many wars

make peace talks the solution

heal the wounded souls.


There is a walk ahead

i have been told about it

it’s to reach to all nations

make Christ’s word heard

heal the wounded souls.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

What is it like waiting in that sleep?

Too long,


like a blink of an eye;


Who can make it after there?

those without stain,

the chosen,



Who shall welcome us?

strong winds,

cloud like people,

or voices without faces


What would it be like then?



or chocolate;


Surely we cannot know unless we get there

it’s your decision, life or death,

there or not there,

seems simple but a place to want to be

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 24 Feb. 2011

The World Has Forgotten All About It

Some Human Beings Consider It Unseriousness

Others Have A Strong Belief That It Is A Form Of Manipulation

When Offered, Usually It Is Ignored, Rejected

Hearts Have Become Cold, Hard Boiled

The World Delights In Having Nothing To Do With It

It Has Been Left To The Youngsters

Those That Seemingly Know Nothing About The Hardship Of Life

Maturity Is Weighed In How Less Often You Do It

The World Has Actually Rejected The Sunshine

The True Wiper Of All Tears

The World Has Forgotten All About It

And Turned To All Sorts Of Manipulations Of Happiness

A Beer Or Two, An Injection Of So Called ‘Go High And Fly’

The World Has Forgotten All About It

The World Has Forgotten To Smile

..:: By: Gladys Kikule ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 03 May 2011

Stay awake on this day oh my soul

and let not sleep overwhelm your eyes.

Watch on to what’s to come your way,

as these days and hours are dark

and evil walks beyond its confines,

slily to find its way into our wombs,

into that inner self, our tick of life

where it wishes to sow all its seed,

seed meant to work us to our shame

leaving us broken and lost to our way.


Pray hard on this day oh my soul

and let our Lord come take the wheel,

surrender to him the burden you weigh

as you alone are weak to carry it,

take off the coat of pride you wear,

that mask of lies on your face

and be his child again that he knew.

Let your broken heart rest in his presence,

as only there it shall find full peace,

for its he that authored all that is.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013

Where did the life vanish to?
The breathe that was in this land
a joy, peace, a family that was
that had a power so stronger
unity that seemed unbreakable
love that was blood tight
where did it all vanish to?

This a question my son asked,
why the many blood shades
tears, wars, divisions among us
death is all we think of, want
another in pain seems our joy
why dad, why not peace, oneness,
a river of fresh waters not blood
fountains of love than curses
dad, why not humanity than---?

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 22 March 2011

There was a time in Uganda when music was not something the world would look up to leave alone the generation of our parents when the Paul Job Kaferos rocked, Afrigo band and the likes.
It is that time that one would think that rock music was evil it was always associated with Satan sometimes referred to as secular music.
At that time in Uganda you would barely notice a rock song hell we didn’t even know what Rock music was. We used to watch Aerosmith on television and think what the...?
Is he mad he looks like evil and just let it go or change stations immediately. Then you would watch a Cold play video or linkinpark and think this is just crap loud guitars and drums what is that?

Rock in Uganda today does the thing it is the food you it and some even sleep with it.
And yours truly guilty as charged and I don’t care I can be charged am not letting Rock go. Unless of course it does let me go which in that case I will hold on to it before it disappears into thin air.
For people who do not understand what I am saying let me take you through the phase of life with rock that is "the evil music". It is the beginning of the day and it is only going to be a good day if you listened to Nickel back’s "if today was your last day" this is going to take you through all the hardships of the day because trust me you would want to spend it evenly to the fullest you could.
And when you are really angry at people who control your life you wake up to Bon Jovi’s "it my life" this does make you feel like your in control of your own life even when in actual sense you are not that is what rock does to your day makes it a better one puts in life for what the day is.
You can not help but feel every instrument in detail it is called appreciation of what makes you alive.

Am not going to list all the rock stars I know in the world they are numerous but everyone should have an idea what I am talking about there is a time for every track in you music collection its not the case with rock on the contrary when you get this music you will not get it out of your player because it will be appropriate for any time in doesn’t matter what mood you going to have.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
posted by: Ezra Akampa || posted on: 29 Oct. 2010

Give me a life like his lord

Let me be known a thief now

Than after here is all done

Have stones thrown at me today

Not tomorrow when you come

Lord give me his life please


Give me days of tears now

So joy I shall get after then

Troubles come crumbling today

And awake victorious day next

As it awaits me just ahead


Lord give me that moment

A time to see your holiness

See your blood flow for my sake

To cleanse me clean for home

A chance to say the same words

‘Remember me lord, when you’re home’

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 29 May 2013