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The Pendulum
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Articles About Afraid

Lord, it's a mountain you gave me to climb,
and I've had my share of mountains behind.
Each time I've climbed I depended on faith
to guide me along with each step I take. 
But Lord, the path gets so rocky at times;
I feel I can't go on in these ol' shoes of mine.
Rugged, worn, torn and abused,
I sometimes forget the purpose for which they are used.
Please give me strength to continue on. 
Please give me courage for this journey unknown. 
And when my shoes no longer hold to my tired and weary feet,
please help me to remember shoes are not needed on heaven's holy streets

..:: By: jackson brave ::..
posted by: jackson brave || posted on: 03 Feb. 2017

Come Lord, and lift the fallen bird
   Abandoned on the ground;
The soul bereft and longing so
   To have the lost be found.

The heart that cries—let it but hear
   Its sweet love answering,
Or out of ether one faint note
   Of living comfort wring.

..:: By: jackson brave ::..
posted by: || posted on: 10 June 2016