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Articles About Facing a Crisis

Have I not walked too far for my freshly strength? Labored on slavely to your seemingly endless gain As you watch it drain my pot of salt each day Emptying me of my identity, weakening my strides Bringing me to my knees and down to your arms That keep painting a thick darkness in my eyes Blinding them from your scared deceitful face As you hit me with more loads of shameful fear So I shall never raise to the truth in your eyes And realize how my victory I attained long against you how I am free; a free man and a prince to that in my father’s house by whom my freedom I attain. how foolish your ways are that you enslave a prince and think he shall never to take a knife to your neck as princes were never made to stand among dirt I shall stand strong before these giants of walls And break straight through their concrete mirage That has for long fed on my hope of freedom To one day set my heavy heart and soul free. I will run, I shall run on madly to his feet Chasing on that silent voice I hear in my ears That has always been there calling and whispering Waiting for me to open on to its words of light So it can polish my stained heart clear of darkness For he alone can give me my mirrorily heart.
..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 01 Jan. 2016

They say you know victory and have seen it all;

claim you have walked lands and galaxies

fought in the fiercest of battles, wars and won

against the fresh and against the spiritual forces,

that you have commanded the greatest of armies;

not only armies but even the swords they used,

lands that they fought on and their enemies;

You commanded rains to destroy all the earth

but spare an ark where your people made shelter,

you held them up for forty days and forty nights;

above a flooded earth till you made dry land.

Upon Sodom you commanded a storm of fire

a city that spoke and lived against your will

and all life there was burnt down to dust.

You made way for your Israelite children

commanding the Red Sea to split and make way.

Walls of Jericho you sent down crumbling,

walls thought so strong; unbreakable they said

but it still came down at the sound of your voice

and victory then it was for the army of Israel.

You commanded the lions at Daniel’s cry to you,

kept Jonah in the belly of a whale for three days

and Goliath ‘a great warrior’ you easily defeated;

with a young shepherd of faith and a tiny stone,

he fell to the ground and never again got up.

At your command a child by a virgin was born;

one that lived among us but still was greater,

he walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.

It was your son, your only son Christ

by whose death on the cross my life I got back.

Through whom my mountains crumbled.

A promise you made before and still hold.

..:: By: Caleb Tukahiirwa ::..
posted by: Caleb Tukahiirwa || posted on: 01 Jan. 2016