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The Pendulum
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Made by and for greater have i been

as am not like all but only he that knows me.

Am to walk floors of gold and diamond,

eat of the finest foods there ever to be

with a life spelt of beautiful abundance

for I is his son he that is called king.


I am a prince in my father’s house,

this I have been told and I know.

I walk surrounded by fleets of angels

some laid down for my feet to sit

while others stand by for I may speak;

I a son of the one who is forever


You ask then why I cry today; if I be a king’s son,

why my feet are torn to many thorns

and my lips eat of want is left on your plate?

Would be it that my father wants me not

and my prince-ship now a dream I have to live

am I forgotten to the darkness of this earth?


Fear not for me and my prince-ship crown

as my father rules greater than to the eye

Am from lands above this earth we walk,

with a life beyond flesh and all its pleasures.

By grace I will walk through my life’s purpose

then my crown shall await me in my father’s hands.