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The Pendulum
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What makes her so beautiful?

Her nails are broken, Her hair unkept.

Her only daughter has an illegitimate son

By the hands of an unknown rapist.

She toils under the blistering sun,

Filling in for her deceased husband.

Feeding family, keeping them strong.

Hardship and fatigue race through her,
Leaving trails of wrinkle on her face

Life must be unfair!

Yet. Amidst her glaring sufferings,
I see her blazing smiles.

Her broken lips may hurt, yet she grins a-wide.
Everyone's lost in ponders, and i'm lost a-musing:

What is her secret?


Who knows the tears that flood her bed every night?

Who knows what she would ride, if wishes were horses?

Who knows the silent prayers she make at the altar?

Life's been tough.

But never underestimate the strength of a mother.

That woman...

She's strong And she's beautiful.


Article By: Michael Chimaobi

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