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The Pendulum
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Take me with you; leave me not

See my mind is ready I decided

Am ready yes am sure it time

This is what I want, I need it

Lets run away together forever

Lets wonder the worlds together

My answer is yes; yes am ready.


Am told sunsets are all beautiful

And they all always come at day end

But was never told the eye only loves one

My eye saw this one with it I melted

Stood still to the beauty of its presence

It was different, it was not beautiful

It was that which beauty itself is

I won’t let go of this yes am now ready


You asked whether my lips speak for me

Whether I hear the words in my song

If the ink flows straight from my heart

And if my soul has really willed to this

You ask if am ready to walk this road

my answer is yes my lips speak for me

yes I hear and have listened to my song

yes my heart authors this ink that flows

yes am ready now and yes will marry you.

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