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The Pendulum
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Of all I shall regret saying in my life these words to you shall never be among and of all life has given me, you remain, you professed a place and purpose in it became not a part of it but its princess for my heart and soul too bowed to you it was and is you i had to tell those words. Stay; please don’t walk away from me Pretty and perfect; you are here and now As I see you, here and now I see only you who has just made me a fairly moment; So let this moment we have here remain Give me a chance; let me make it all ours Everlasting in our hearts and those around. Close your eyes princess, there I shall be, Stretch your arm out; I shall reach to it Smile to me and my day shall be brighter Call out my name and I will come to you Cause I ‘be here, close here, waiting on For the voice of my princess to make it real Waiting patiently the day you’ll say yes.

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