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The Pendulum
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Come beautiful one that my heart seeks

Come let my eyes be blessed by your beauty

Come share with me this moment here

For it was and is meant for you and i

And it shall forever become the beginning


Come beautiful let’s think together

Come lets share of this at my heart

Come listen to the words written at heart

For it speaks of you and you alone

And how being you has ---


Come, beautiful and speak to my ears

Come let’s sing this song together

Come and we harmonise of our voices

For with you I can sing this song

And forever it shall become ours


Come beautiful that stands apart

Come lets write on this paper our story

Come start with me our own legend

For with you we can author the world

And forever it shall become ours


Come beautiful one and be my love

Come thee that I call my own princess

Come lets build the walls of our kingdom

For with only you i can raise them

And then they shall forever stand strong

Forever to become :: I DO :: I DO ::