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The Pendulum
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Take me from all these arms stretched out Call out to my name, from those at mind let your lips croon to my ears acceptance lift my heart with in to a feel of happiness Say it’s my house where you will lay at dusk With your head pressed upon my chest To awake me in dawn with your wonder smile And the world shall today open wide for you. Save me today, let me not leave here alone Open my mind to a fairly land, make me new Let me walk above all earth’s greatness And for that moment it shall all be mine My feet’s’ path shall be any man’s desire My stand a model for all victory accounts With you here, it will come still and silent For history shall only come to speak of us Today, this day is different and so bright Saw how the skies opened up to the morning The winds brushed by against the trees With all swaying rhythmically side to side Like everything was to a sound of a love song God must have been listening in last night That it all comes to now, this moment, you here truly today is that day I get my feel of happiness.