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The Pendulum
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Come sing to my ears endless Sing words of love and promise Let them hear of your voice A rhythmical breeze to my life As it forever echoes sweetness Come lay close by my side Let my face feel of your breath As a shiver runs through my skin So I feel you here and now A moment that shall be forever Come stand with me here Be my rock, my shoulder to lean Hold my hand so tight and close Give me of your great strength And may this last forever Come kiss my lips tonight And let my whole be lost in it Drawing through my veins To reach the deepest of my soul Awakening it forever to love Come lets share this moment As the world opens up to me To see it as it is so colourful And a spectacle to imagination That forever my mind shall have Come to church with me today Close your eyes; let me lead you As we share this dream together Listen to my words of promise Then say yes, yes forever I do.

Let :: I DO :: I DO ::