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The Pendulum
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Who do we be among, these on earth?

Do we be those that lead along the path?

falling to open ground and so vulnerable, 

made prey of the hungry birds in the airs,

that seed which never lasts at least a day

as birds pick it up as it falls to ground.



Do we be those that lead to rocky grounds?

Those that sprout out quickly from the soils,

so beautiful from the first glance of them

though truthfully with not deep roots

as the soils are shallow and not enough

that they are dried to the heat of the sun.


Do we be those that lead to thorny bushes?

That grow blindly to what’s before them,

wishing to be taller than those above them

and unknowingly, choked by the thorns,

thorns, the bushes they blindly walked to

an early end that they never thought of;


Or do we be those that lead to fertile soils

that rise strong and tall from the ground;

soils of plenty and no thorny bushes grow.

Soils a seed grows and produces grain

hundreds of thousands of good grain

for seasons of now and tomorrow.


Which of these seeds have we become?

(So listen then if you have ears.)

Matthew 13:18-23

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