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The Pendulum
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Shall I possess the will to stand through

and speak audaciously to the hungry storms

that feed on our susceptible strides in life?

Shall my tongue never agree to their language;

A language to proclaim goats among sheep,

Where acceptance will give audience to all?

In point to have culture and faith bewildered?

As it would have fallen to the scents of deceit


Shall not my house choose to fall by truth

than live to slave their souls to pleasures,

blindness and death to self actualization;

that only which by truth one can achieve.

Shall our strive glow bright to the sight of many

and awaken their inner crave for all fullness.

Fullness of being and knowing that it’s finished

and our tomorrow shall be a new day.


Shall I not stand for him one more day

with my eyes and soul raised up to his holiness

where my peace, life and all hope comes from?

For today I stood strong with in wild storms

with all faith I smiled and declared myself free

 said NO, no I shall not accept compromise

as I knew only by walking in truth would I gain victory

A Truth that he said will set me free.

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