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The Pendulum
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Since my heart beats to your cadence

My whole then I shall place before you

With mind ready to become with you

feet walk to walks of your direction

eyes vision through your own scopes

ears listen to that your lips speak

nose search for only your flawless scent

and my hand twined to your own

all that is me then shall be yours


Let me see to be victorious this day

with my heart’s desire brought before me

and my whole being at peace with it there

come share with me of this the LORD blesses

for he commissioned it be done this way

that my heart shall seek your out

and together with love all we shall conquer

as its he that loves and teaches us

this way I too stand to become like he

to this commitment that I say yes to

that forever I shall become yours each day

and each day I shall forever in him

for in his name I promise you princess.

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