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The Pendulum
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Being with you makes me feel magic in the air.
As if the wind blows when I want it to.
I watch our love grow each day
Everyday I get swept away by what you do.
The only thing that matters now is you.
Everything including my breath can melt away.
Provided I can feel your arms around me.

There is no guarantee that life will be easy.
But with you, no wave can't be swept back.
I will always find my way home because of you.
This world has so much to offer
But over all that, I chose it have you.
You are just like a dream to me.
My strength can't fall apart now.

When I look at you, I see forgiveness.
Now I have inspiration that is just enough.
Like a song that has a beautiful melody.
I can't deny wanting you and loving you.
now that am flying way up high, like a bird.
I don't ever want to look down again.

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