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The Pendulum
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When I was a child, young and fragile.
I saw Jesus on my father's television
Believing his existence was easy.
And every time I went to bed,
I looked at his picture and talked to him.
I loved his pretty brown eyes.
I wanted to stay close to Jesus.

But now that I'm all grown up,
Everything I knew now seems different.
Complicated, full of fear and,
I don't understand any more.
Now no one knows how Jesus looks like!
And the Jesus I knew was behind cameras!
Believing is now so hard.

Sometimes I sat and read this bible.
Prayed very hard and hoped to grow.
But then I watch people die young
Even the ones like me that read and pray.
Its all confusing and overwhelming.
It makes me realise, not only was I a child,
But also naive and my faith was made stronger,

Today I sit and wish I could be a child again.
I believed in every prayer I made to God.
I was sure my wishes would come true.
But now the world has become cruel.
And faith seems like false hope
Yet it's the only thing I have to believe in.

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