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The Pendulum
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You take the breath out of me
It seems this heart of mine can't explain.
The ground beneath my feet freezes,
Yet we hold on tight and stay still.
This place once lonely now feels alive.
If words can't describe this, what can.
I'm only praying that nothing changes.

You are the only joy I had ever known.
A heart once cold now feels warm.
It feels more than just a dream to me.
Having you so close to me feels paying.
I don't have to wait for love no more.
Something had to remind me
Of how great life is and can be.

You make it easier to live everyday
If you ever wonder why I look at you
Well it's because your eyes give me hope.
So charming, bright and stunning.
I cry now looking at the way you love.
How can a person like me deserve you.
And if you ask me now, how it feels
To have you, and to hold you?
I will say, it makes me want to come home.

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