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The Pendulum
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Real men shed tears,
We aren't teddy bears,
Men that kills their emotion,
Dies in slow motion.

Little by little they die,
Men that don't cry,
Men that cage tears in their eyes
When the need to shed tears arise.

We see men in excruciating pain
And smiles they feign,
With pilled up tears in the eyes,
Unshed tears, kept! Why?

An emperor can lose his emperess,
But his tears, he have to supress,
For him not to be seen as a weakling.
Don't we have feelings?

Men are taught not to be broken hearted,
But they can be cold hearted,
'Big boys don't cry' they say,
But on the inside they die day by day.

Is shedding tears a sin?
Why do we despise acting as human beings?
Why are we just being human
And don't give a damn?

Asking men not to cry, but rejoice,
In situations we ought to cry in clear voice,
What has the society turned us to?
Is shedding tears a taboo?

All Rights Reserved
Osoba Taiwo P.
(C)PeterPushingPoetrywithPenetratingPen 2016.