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The Pendulum
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Walking out of the room, I am scared , shaking with anger , regret plus confusion . Why would this happen to me ? I ask. 

The grip onto my pink bag is strong . I am holding it close to my chest afraid to let it go . I am holding onto this bag with the thought of it being my only sorce of energy at this point. 

I m longing to run into my mamas arms, to cry into my bestfriend‘s hugs but then they didn’t send me into the room, I went because I wanted to explore . Look at me now . 

The room full of darkness and pain, despair and sorrow tears and regret. We all have been to that room but here I am now walking out of that room holding onto my bag. 

It then hit me , in my pink cute hand bag was is  my pink Bible. It wasn’t about physically carrying it in my bag but also in my heart . Philipians 4:13.His word was my strength. It didn’t matter anymore what was in the room. All that mattered was that I had His word with me to keep me going.

Hold onto His word because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what happened in that room . All that makes Sense is what you hold on to. 

Source: thelensqueensite.wordpress.com

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