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The Pendulum
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The Stranger
Minute And Tender But Treacherous
The Stranger
So Strong And Enigmatic But Amorous
We Got Off The Streets
In To Isolation

No One To Blame But
The Stranger
For The Twinge In My Heart
When I Do Not See You In Two Days
For The Comfort I Get At Dusk
When You Talk To Me At Dawn
For The Butterflies In My Stomach
When You Sit Right Next To Me
For The Confusion I Get
When I See You From A Distance
Knowing I Am Going To Run In To You
For The Goose Bumps I Feel
When Someone Mentions Your Name

This Invisible Molecule
The Stranger
Has Made Our Lives Ecstatic

We Used To Hug Now
We Embrace
We Used To Laugh For A Reason Now
We Do Frivolously
We Even Used To Feel Stupid In Silence Now
We Stare At Each Other In Approbation
Look What The Stranger Has Done
The Stranger Lives In Me And Is What I Feel.

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