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The Pendulum
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It is 10am Becky a graduate from Makerere University Business school has just woken up. Not that she has been asleep all the while she was just laying in there passing time before she thought of a better way to start her day other than her daily routine of waking up, taking a shower and then watch a movie or two. Today she is actually looking forward to something, she has to go to town and is expecting a phone call from a certain friend of her cousin's ex girlfriend's friend who promised to enlist her for an interview at a certain upcoming bank. That is all she has to do in town for the day she consoles herself that's better than sitting at home and doing nothing the whole day. She believes that her life is worse than that of a new born baby at least for a baby, there is a schedule made by his/ her mom for her to eat and sometimes if not most times cry for more and eventually got to sleep. The time now is noon and Becky calls her partners in crime for a job search Nina has a gig she can't make it, apparently her cousin got her a "kyeyo" for the day which gets her off the hook from spending the day at home. Doreen has been sent by her mum to some executive office "if only I worked there!" Doreen tells Becky. But when she gets off the phone, Becky says "...that is the least that we can do for our parents especially when we do not put any food on the table rather we just eat it all do the entire messenger work." So now she is left alone 'apparently they all have plot' as she referred to it so she waits for the lady friend to call as she waits she tries to dress up after she has done a spontaneous general cleaning of her one room twice in a row. It is spotlessly clean, one can hardly feel the vanish on the furniture so she sits around wondering what to do after dressing. She moves the plastic vase five times to and from the same position she doesn't even notice it. Then the sound of the old song traffic man officer "oh that's my phone" she is excited 'heavens it's her finally thought she would never call" she screams with excitement. Hi she says so... She gets the hit you can see it on her extremely disappointed face. When Becky gets off the phone she just starts undressing and when I ask her what they said she said they gave the job to someone else and they will call her after three months when they are enlisting again. I actually thought she would be filled with tears but no she gets back to her routine she looks for an old series that she has watched before and she looks to the screen steadily. And then she turns to me saying that's how it is so am used you let one day go at a time. That is the life of an unemployed Ugandan and I am wondering, Is this the future we have for all the millions of graduates that leave Universities in the country annually?

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