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There was a time in Uganda when music was not something the world would look up to leave alone the generation of our parents when the Paul Job Kaferos rocked, Afrigo band and the likes.
It is that time that one would think that rock music was evil it was always associated with Satan sometimes referred to as secular music.
At that time in Uganda you would barely notice a rock song hell we didn’t even know what Rock music was. We used to watch Aerosmith on television and think what the...?
Is he mad he looks like evil and just let it go or change stations immediately. Then you would watch a Cold play video or linkinpark and think this is just crap loud guitars and drums what is that?

Rock in Uganda today does the thing it is the food you it and some even sleep with it.
And yours truly guilty as charged and I don’t care I can be charged am not letting Rock go. Unless of course it does let me go which in that case I will hold on to it before it disappears into thin air.
For people who do not understand what I am saying let me take you through the phase of life with rock that is "the evil music". It is the beginning of the day and it is only going to be a good day if you listened to Nickel back’s "if today was your last day" this is going to take you through all the hardships of the day because trust me you would want to spend it evenly to the fullest you could.
And when you are really angry at people who control your life you wake up to Bon Jovi’s "it my life" this does make you feel like your in control of your own life even when in actual sense you are not that is what rock does to your day makes it a better one puts in life for what the day is.
You can not help but feel every instrument in detail it is called appreciation of what makes you alive.

Am not going to list all the rock stars I know in the world they are numerous but everyone should have an idea what I am talking about there is a time for every track in you music collection its not the case with rock on the contrary when you get this music you will not get it out of your player because it will be appropriate for any time in doesn’t matter what mood you going to have.

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