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The Pendulum
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For That Moment You Were Mine.
You Looked At Me
A Smile So Tender, It Moved Me To Bits
It Was A Smile That Said A Million Things To Me
And For That Moment, You Were Mine And Mine Alone

For That Moment You Were Mine
When We Talked And Everything Felt Right
Time For Me Stopped And Left Me To Enjoy The Moment
When I Looked Into Your Eyes
And All I Could See Was Beautiful
It All Seemed To Fit Perfectly
Until When It Was Time To Wake Up
And For That Moment You Were Mine And Mine Alone

For That Moment You Were Mine Alone
When You Made Me Happy
You Made Me Feel Like Your Queen And You My King
When You Held My Hand And Didn’t Want To Let Go
When You Worried About Me;
My Safety, My Happiness And My Inner Peace
And At Once I Felt We Belonged To Each Other
And For That Moment You Were Mine And Mine Alone.

For That Moment You Were Mine Alone
When I Looked At The Sky And All I Could Think Of Was You.
The Cool Breeze Of The Night Reminding
Me Of How Beautiful It Was That I Felt This Way About You
The Tingling Feeling I Got When I Remembered You Holding Me
The Rush That I Felt When You First Kissed Me
Your Kiss Was More Than Spectacular, It Was A Dream Comes True.
For You To Kiss Me, Under The Moonlight And Use Your Arms To Warm Me
It Was An Electrifying Moment
That Still Gives Me Shivers Just By Thinking About It.
We Didn’t Last Long But For The Time We Were Together,
I Believed That You Were Mine And Mine Alone.

Wonderful emotion portrayed its catchy. impressive

..:: Claire Nantumbwe || 5th November 2012 ::..

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