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The Pendulum
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Your name,--- it was and still is her name.
questions always pricked her twisted mind
why that in all that she heard, be my name,
why be born, a time so crowded with sin,
if he knew about her at the start of time,
if he really had her in plan to live now,
whether she had a purpose on this land,
with doubt of being she lived each day
the dark that consumed her was strong,
all the earth was crushing down on her
she needed her empty pages painted,
painted with answers to her questions,
answers to change her, the times she lived,
make it a blessing to live in these times,
giving her reason to keep her moving on.
A day grows by and she met him, this child
he was so happy, joyful and full of a smile,
singing a song that touched her soul gently
like fresh airs, his breath touched her face
there she felt at peace and so loved,
it was like she had known him for long,
he took her broken heart and nursed it
she felt it, it was calm, different it was new
she realised it was him she was looking for,
the answer, the beginning and end of all life.

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