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The Pendulum
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Listen to this song that sounds in mind

a beautiful piece of art, an angels’ voice

it’s taken me galaxies, worlds and places

seen more than there was for me to ever see

tasted more than there would be to taste

here is the song that we sing here today

a song of peace, oneness and harmony;


Listen to the song that sounds in unison

victory, a song of victory against him

all singing from every lands and hills

they have defeated him, yes their enemy

fought a war of wars, battle of battles

sleighed, the evil one put an end to war

the final victory is been handed to them


Listen to the song sounding in all lands

a song of conquerors, winners of the war

trumpets being blown from every nation

singing of his wonderful amazing grace

a healing power that he’s laid on them

a voice saying out loud, ‘it’s finished’

it’s a victory to be celebrated for eternity

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