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There may be moments in your life where there seems to be no life and joy. Where it feels like you are walking through a tunnel and you can not see the light at the end. At times life can feel like, you are falling over a cliff and you do not seem to make sense out of life.


It is in such moments where you need to trust God, to surrender every thing and cast it all at His feet. Back in the day when the Israelites were at the Red Sea, and the Egyptian army was drawing in on them, they must have felt in their hearts that God had abandoned them; that it was a setup to have them destroyed or may be some sort of punishment.


But as you and I know, this was not the case. For a fact, they were at the banks of that sea or a long time. The bible does not record how long, but I believe that it was long enough for doubt to rise up in them, fear to accumulate, joy of deliverance to be stripped off and feelings of rejection to manifest.


There are points in life where we are in the position of these Israelites. The mistake they made was to curse, to doubt, to grumble, and to worry rather that believe and trust God. But when God was approached in prayer, He did that which in history had never happened, He went against the laws of nature He had set in place and altered the natural flow of the River and made it stand still and create walls. He still held up the waters until all His people had crossed over to the other side.


It is in similar moments in our lives that we need to make a choice, to take a stand, decide to trust-even when it all seems hopeless. God desires that we trust Him, to believe that He can do anything just for His people. There is surely no greater comfort than to trust a God at whose word the heaven and the earth were formed, at whose command all nature remains in balance.


Let’s cease to worry about solutions and focus on God who is ever willing to deliver us. Simply talk to God about it all and leave it at His feet. Trust that He can .Believe that He will pull it off for you because he loves and cares about you.


God bless you

WOW,this is amazing.

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