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The Pendulum
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A Time Lapse Within Which To Make The Change Desired

A Lesson To Learn Yet Within A Only The Limited Time Available

A Deadline Fast Approaching

A Situation Undesirable If Goal Not Yet Achieved

A Window Of Opportunity Flashing Only For A While

Lasting For Only A Seemingly Brief

And Quickly Shortening Moment.


Dreams Once Only Dreamt Now Realised

Ideas Once Only Far Fetched Now Within Reach

But Only All Achievable Within A Window Of Opportunity

Opportunity Only Lasting For

A Quickly Shortening Moment.


Still Urged By Desire To Win

Moved By The Challenge Only Increasing

Pressing On With A Fantasy,

To A Dream But Still Believing In The Possibility

Trusting And Believing In The Great I AM

Pressing On To Maximised

The Opportunity While It Lasts

Knowing That The Opportunity Lasts

Within A Window Of Opportunity

To Be Optimised.

Arise and Shine :: STOP PROCRASTINATING :: Am already there :: BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL :: Wish I Could Be A Child Again ::