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The Pendulum
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They say it is rare some say it is a gift

One that can be possessed by the lucky ones

One that is immensely felt you lose yourself

And so when you are there it is eternity

You are crazy you can barely notice who you are.

They just don’t get it


They say its confusion

It is bearable confusion an understandable one

Even when you are feeling it you don’t know if it is what you are feeling

It is you doubting what you see

It is an immortal image of one’s fantasies

They just don’t get it


They say it does not discriminate

Some say it strikes hard you don’t get up when you are struck

So why does it get you so blindly hurt

They just don’t get it


It is what it is and when you feel it you realize that there is more to life than what you see on the street

If you can find love then you can forget everything you said

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