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The baby that love is

It is not what you call perfect

It is not what we fantasize about when we are teenagers in high school

It is not what we think will come of the person you want to have

It is not living every minute very happy

It is not living to the future


It is like a baby

One that grows from fragile

It crawls and the more it crawls the tougher it gets

So tired that it gets to walk but love is not eternal

Love is a living plant

One that has to lose the buds when they crop up

One that has to be corrected when wronged

Love needs to be nurture like a child

It might die to you

But it cannot die if you nurture it

Smile when you have to

Cry when you have to

Beat it up when you have to

Treat it like the baby it is

And the plant that it is

For it always needs to be taken care of and nurtured

That’s the baby I know love is.

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