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The Pendulum
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Will thy father forgive my sin where I begin this walk?

Where, without much thought I hunger for satisfaction

with an endless craving that‘s drowned me to deep waters

enslaved me to the many desires of my own flesh

beauties of this earth, from which only sorrows i get

tearing me down, to addictions to what my eyes see

weakening my passionate inner self, my once joyful soul

this, a thirst that has drained my throat dry to cracks

that i see no better than what is put on this silver plate

with a thought that all on it is silvery like the plate.

Blinded from the body that he fed to his disciples

denying myself the fill of a satisfaction from his table.

so unworthy i have become in this very short time

and yes it’s true, am not worthy to think of his name

for i have sinned and now sin is all my heart beats to,

worked so hard to distance myself from his cross

in which i have succeeded as for today i am lost

lost to the darkness of guilt, my body is chained 

to the walks that it led though it always saw his path

ignoring that tiny voice that would have saved me

that call that tried to warn me of those walks I led


listen as i cry, listen to how heavy my heart weighs

look at all these chains that have crippled my legs

that though he says he’s close by its hard to reach him

to break out of these grips, these chains that i created  

to stand and take that only one little tiny first step

which, as he says is all that i have to do,

one decision, that would save me from all my sin

pull me out of this cloud of rot and prison of chains  

and give me a second chance, open for a new chapter

with a new beginning, story and a new me. 









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