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The Pendulum
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Upon thee my faith I proclaim

he in whom there was and is

alpha and omega he is called

writer of time; yesterday, today and next

the giver of all to my dear soul

here now my whole i pour onto you

if be lost, it to be in your embrace

that it may rise through your goodness.


Today i shall only worship thy name

only to you my king I shall bow

like angels high above in the heavens

singing the words of worship

holy holy holy you are Lord

savior and protector of my soul

the father of love and all about it

my fountain purity against all sin


Listen; listen to my song of redemption

open your ears to this new voice

a good news of his saving grace

he above the highest there to ever be

greater than any other greatness

hear him cry out at Calvary

break us free of our darkness

for his shed-blood we forgiven live

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