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The Pendulum
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Today I saw two sons being born

both with that loud wail they came

innocently eager to meet their destines

to walk that earth and be somebody,

rewrite the thought about their land

they shared a brightness in their eyes.


Today I saw two youthful boys pass by

one with a bag going on to school

running fast to meet his tomorrow,

he held that same brightness in him.

The other with a bunch of firewood

too scared to even hold his head up high,

scared to think, what tomorrow is to be?


Today two men woke up in the morning

one was rushing; he’s to be sworn in today,

sworn in as one of the ministers of state

the other rushed to sit by the roadside,

at least today the minister will see him

maybe, today he will and give him a coin.


Today I saw those two sons of Africa

that were born to be the same, a blessing

but only one got the chance to become

one lived safe and became then, educated

he alone received his right in life.










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