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The Pendulum
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My heart tells me,

that I have found a home.

A place with light that lasts forever.

My soul has never felt gladder

than it is right now.

All the things I have built,

None of them matter right now.

Just being by your side is enough.


My heart tells me,

that I have been awakened.

I could live without everything and nothing:

the music, food, friends and family. But with you.

Nothing holds my happiness now.

Only the love you give that I have been addicted to.

Iam in love with you not knowing how you look like

Nor where you come from


My heart tells me,

You will make all that I call impossible possible.

That is why I choose to give you my life that belongs to you.

Knowing you are somewhere looking at me

Makes me feel more safe and sure of the steps I take.

Because you alone held my hand

from the dark till I saw the sunlight.

My heart tells me,

that I won’t be lonely again.

I shall not run again

Because the one true love exists in me

And that am sure he won’t be going anywhere

Unless his name isn’t Jesus.


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