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The Pendulum
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I have been told that am beautiful;

he met me on my way to the river,

that i am a princess in a far land

a royalty of some great kingdom,

that i have a seat in a big palace

next to the king’s am to be seated,

this king whom i, me, calls father.

That i have a bedroom of my own

or, you may call them chambers,

my own carriage of white horses,

horses, beauty eyes haven’t seen.


He told me so, that i am royalty,

that am not like those around me

as i have what none has received

and seen power not thought to be.

 A power of love, forgiveness, peace,

one that can be received from one,

my father, the king of the kingdom,

ruler of all that was, is or will be, 

the beginning and the end of all life,

he gives life and he receives it back..


I have accepted my role in this life

and this gave me the status i have.

my acceptance to let him lead me

guide me through this long trail

has yielded me royalty, abundance

and i seek not anything more now,

as i belong to the highest of class

now that i am a daughter of Christ.

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