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The Pendulum
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Now that we are to rebuild these walls

that crumbled at the hands of dark roars

stand guard for the thief is still near

do not close your eyes even at night

for that is when he works to his best

keep your eyes from his shinny illusions

and ears from his slanderous voice

relax not for he wants it back down

as its presence weakens his influence

the stronger and taller it becomes

he loses more of how to get to you.


Stand brother and strengthen your wall

carefully place each brick at its spot

for anywhere else your is weak

and it shall easily fall again to him

dress yourself the helmet of salvation,

and hold that sword of the spirit

so his works shall not reach you

plant holy torches around your walls

so when night time of life knocks

the holy flames light your wall bright

to keep his cunning thought out.


Come let’s build our faith back

reaffirmed our faith in him

decide today to rise back to your purpose

walking the path designed for your feet

let not evil even tell you of shorter ones

for only LORD knows your destination

as its he that designs all your walks

walk on now and fear not what’s ahead

your author and guide loves you 

and can never abandon his creation

hold on to his word that he gives you

for that shall lead you home.

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