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The Pendulum
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Stay awake on this day oh my soul

and let not sleep overwhelm your eyes.

Watch on to what’s to come your way,

as these days and hours are dark

and evil walks beyond its confines,

slily to find its way into our wombs,

into that inner self, our tick of life

where it wishes to sow all its seed,

seed meant to work us to our shame

leaving us broken and lost to our way.


Pray hard on this day oh my soul

and let our Lord come take the wheel,

surrender to him the burden you weigh

as you alone are weak to carry it,

take off the coat of pride you wear,

that mask of lies on your face

and be his child again that he knew.

Let your broken heart rest in his presence,

as only there it shall find full peace,

for its he that authored all that is.

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