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The Pendulum
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In what voice shall i sing of your mercies?

So those that listen can understand

Who it is that i sing these praises to

what clothes am i to wear my king,

as am to stand at your alter today

to speak of a grace that’s kept me

tell of this great counsellor i met

that unburdened me of my sorrows

and gave me a new purpose to live;

Teach me words to say, how to speak

for i know not how to describe you;

who you are, words can’t explain,

greater than greatness and being

author of life giver of breath

all these are no fit for who you are.

You as said are alpha and omega

what was and will become the almighty

the definition of love and glory

you are the rock that breaks death

waters that flow of healing and hope

the flames which light so bright

within the hearts of your followers

those flames that scatter darkness

burn all impunities of the soul

and make man a new being in you

dressed in your full armour; the belt of truth

the breastplate of righteousness,

shield of faith to stop flaming evil arrows,

helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit,

which is your holy word wrote for to us all

dressed to wrestle the schemes of the devil

For a struggle not against flesh and blood,

but against the rulers, against the powers,

against the world rulers of this darkness,

against spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.

and victory shall be ours in the end

thanks be to you who gives us the victory

through our Lord Jesus Christ


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