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The Pendulum
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He walked up to me on the sidewalk on my way home
As i stood waiting for a taxi
Reached out his arm to mine
Saying "please shake my hand"
Hesitantly i shook his,
wondering who does this

He opened his mouth but couldn't make sense from his mumbles
I set out to bounce
But he held the slits of my court
Finally saying something i thought
He told me he was very lucky to be
I asked how he figured and how he could be me
He gazed sternly up to the skies

I looked through his eyes wondering what he saw
Then he told me about a higher power
Like he knew what i was thinking.
Then again he said
"Am very lucky to be you"

Last night i watched your dreams
And saw what made you smile and cry
Touched each one of your thoughts
I reached my heart out to yours
Trying to figure out where it gets the rhythm with which it beats
It seemed so alien
I was so sad u couldn't see me
And when your friends talked down on us
You looked down with a beat face

You and me don't exist
Except in a name
In a reality
In a covenant
You are me
And i am you.

So last night when u turned your life around
And wanted something real
I decided to come and put on flesh so i could speak to u
Very lucky to be u.
Each time you walk in the light
And shun dark walks
I see how lucky i am to be u

Right then a taxi came
I was dumbfounded
How could he be lucky to be me?

I took the back seat and tried to look at him one last time
Where he stood
He did no more.
I seemed to be a trance
How could i tell anyone about this old beggar?
Who would believe anyone would be lucky to be me?
My shame clouds my smile

If he would be lucky to be me
Then am going live my life
Like I'm lucky to be Me

(Article by: Malkis James)