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The Pendulum
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I had walked no further than home

so call me no fool as my mother cooked best

and father knew all secrets of the earth

what I had seen was perfect and heavenly

home is where I wanted to be tomorrow.


Winds blew and seasons came and past

and on my feet I could stand and walk well

with my mind, think of thinking beyond home

beyond this hill ‘obutahurira’ that stood before us

a hunger that grew greater than my ears

so strong a day came; I ascended there.

shutting out my father’s words against it

and there at the top my eyes saw the world

a beauty, magnificence; I saw paradise.

my father was wrong and he knew little.

this, here, now was what life was

I ate, saw all and lived it again and again

but within this splendor lay a darkness

a ravenous evil and cunning wave

this beauty was haunted by its very makers

murder, disease and deceit dwelled in it  

nourished by those that worshiped it

there I awoke to my father’s words

and opened my mind back to his wisdom

‘obutahurira’ only leads to destruction.



I have walked to the furthest of lands

tasted the said to be best dishes of all

and spoken to those called the wisest

but none spoke and cooked with that love

a love, warmth that dwelled in my home 

home is where my heart was molded

and there I shall find my tomorrow.