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They say it is rare some say it is a gift

One that can be possessed by the lucky ones

One that is immensely felt you lose yourself

And so when you are there it is eternity

You are crazy you can barely notice who you are.

They just don’t get it


They say its confusion

It is bearable confusion an understandable one

Even when you are feeling it you don’t know if it is what you are feeling

It is you doubting what you see

It is an immortal image of one’s fantasies

They just don’t get it


They say it does not discriminate

Some say it strikes hard you don’t get up when you are struck

So why does it get you so blindly hurt

They just don’t get it


It is what it is and when you feel it you realize that there is more to life than what you see on the street

If you can find love then you can forget everything you said

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
Posted by: Claire Nantumbwe || Posted on: 24 January 2012



The baby that love is

It is not what you call perfect

It is not what we fantasize about when we are teenagers in high school

It is not what we think will come of the person you want to have

It is not living every minute very happy

It is not living to the future


It is like a baby

One that grows from fragile

It crawls and the more it crawls the tougher it gets

So tired that it gets to walk but love is not eternal

Love is a living plant

One that has to lose the buds when they crop up

One that has to be corrected when wronged

Love needs to be nurture like a child

It might die to you

But it cannot die if you nurture it

Smile when you have to

Cry when you have to

Beat it up when you have to

Treat it like the baby it is

And the plant that it is

For it always needs to be taken care of and nurtured

That’s the baby I know love is.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
Posted by: Claire Nantumbwe || Posted on: 24 January 2012

The Stranger
Minute And Tender But Treacherous
The Stranger
So Strong And Enigmatic But Amorous
We Got Off The Streets
In To Isolation

No One To Blame But
The Stranger
For The Twinge In My Heart
When I Do Not See You In Two Days
For The Comfort I Get At Dusk
When You Talk To Me At Dawn
For The Butterflies In My Stomach
When You Sit Right Next To Me
For The Confusion I Get
When I See You From A Distance
Knowing I Am Going To Run In To You
For The Goose Bumps I Feel
When Someone Mentions Your Name

This Invisible Molecule
The Stranger
Has Made Our Lives Ecstatic

We Used To Hug Now
We Embrace
We Used To Laugh For A Reason Now
We Do Frivolously
We Even Used To Feel Stupid In Silence Now
We Stare At Each Other In Approbation
Look What The Stranger Has Done
The Stranger Lives In Me And Is What I Feel.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 29 October 2010
It is 10am Becky a graduate from Makerere University Business school has just woken up. Not that she has been asleep all the while she was just laying in there passing time before she thought of a better way to start her day other than her daily routine of waking up, taking a shower and then watch a movie or two. Today she is actually looking forward to something, she has to go to town and is expecting a phone call from a certain friend of her cousin's ex girlfriend's friend who promised to enlist her for an interview at a certain upcoming bank. That is all she has to do in town for the day she consoles herself that's better than sitting at home and doing nothing the whole day. She believes that her life is worse than that of a new born baby at least for a baby, there is a schedule made by his/ her mom for her to eat and sometimes if not most times cry for more and eventually got to sleep. The time now is noon and Becky calls her partners in crime for a job search Nina has a gig she can't make it, apparently her cousin got her a "kyeyo" for the day which gets her off the hook from spending the day at home. Doreen has been sent by her mum to some executive office "if only I worked there!" Doreen tells Becky. But when she gets off the phone, Becky says "...that is the least that we can do for our parents especially when we do not put any food on the table rather we just eat it all do the entire messenger work." So now she is left alone 'apparently they all have plot' as she referred to it so she waits for the lady friend to call as she waits she tries to dress up after she has done a spontaneous general cleaning of her one room twice in a row. It is spotlessly clean, one can hardly feel the vanish on the furniture so she sits around wondering what to do after dressing. She moves the plastic vase five times to and from the same position she doesn't even notice it. Then the sound of the old song traffic man officer "oh that's my phone" she is excited 'heavens it's her finally thought she would never call" she screams with excitement. Hi she says so... She gets the hit you can see it on her extremely disappointed face. When Becky gets off the phone she just starts undressing and when I ask her what they said she said they gave the job to someone else and they will call her after three months when they are enlisting again. I actually thought she would be filled with tears but no she gets back to her routine she looks for an old series that she has watched before and she looks to the screen steadily. And then she turns to me saying that's how it is so am used you let one day go at a time. That is the life of an unemployed Ugandan and I am wondering, Is this the future we have for all the millions of graduates that leave Universities in the country annually?
..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 29 October 2010

There was a time in Uganda when music was not something the world would look up to leave alone the generation of our parents when the Paul Job Kaferos rocked, Afrigo band and the likes.
It is that time that one would think that rock music was evil it was always associated with Satan sometimes referred to as secular music.
At that time in Uganda you would barely notice a rock song hell we didn’t even know what Rock music was. We used to watch Aerosmith on television and think what the...?
Is he mad he looks like evil and just let it go or change stations immediately. Then you would watch a Cold play video or linkinpark and think this is just crap loud guitars and drums what is that?

Rock in Uganda today does the thing it is the food you it and some even sleep with it.
And yours truly guilty as charged and I don’t care I can be charged am not letting Rock go. Unless of course it does let me go which in that case I will hold on to it before it disappears into thin air.
For people who do not understand what I am saying let me take you through the phase of life with rock that is "the evil music". It is the beginning of the day and it is only going to be a good day if you listened to Nickel back’s "if today was your last day" this is going to take you through all the hardships of the day because trust me you would want to spend it evenly to the fullest you could.
And when you are really angry at people who control your life you wake up to Bon Jovi’s "it my life" this does make you feel like your in control of your own life even when in actual sense you are not that is what rock does to your day makes it a better one puts in life for what the day is.
You can not help but feel every instrument in detail it is called appreciation of what makes you alive.

Am not going to list all the rock stars I know in the world they are numerous but everyone should have an idea what I am talking about there is a time for every track in you music collection its not the case with rock on the contrary when you get this music you will not get it out of your player because it will be appropriate for any time in doesn’t matter what mood you going to have.

..:: By: Claire Nantumbwe ::..
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 29 October 2010