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Easter is a time Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead, at least that is what it used to be about but as of today it’s a holiday and vacation to some people that break off from work and spend time with family and friends.

Easter has seized being about true worship and communion with God for sparing his only son for humans but it’s now a time to relax and get stress free from all the tensions of work and school.

According to an Easter message by the Arch bishop of Uganda last year, Stanley Ntagali urged people to celebrate Easter by going to church and worshipping the lord, that it was a time to repent and make homes, school, and business places more enjoyable and suitable to glorify God who gives the greatest gift of salvation through his son Jesus Christ.

Resurrection is the basis of everything Christians believe. Christ’s death allowed Christians to be united with God, it also gave hope that they too will live again even after death.

 “And if Christ has not been raised, then your faith is useless and you are still guilty of your sins” (1 Corinthians 15:17)

Boniface Byamukama from Mbarara Church of Christ says Easter is still a time of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection because most people go to church first thing in the morning then later in the day reunite with their families.

He adds that people in the village celebrate Easter basing on its true meaning of the resurrection of Jesus Christ but for others in towns it’s a vacation and a break from work, people often pray for the blood of Jesus to be shed upon all they do, any activities they are carrying on that day simply because Easter is not just a break but a celebration for what, salvation Jesus left for Christians.

Clara kwikiriza a member of Watoto Church says that few people celebrate the true meaning of Easter but rather take on family vacations which is also important but having Christ at the center of everything is the initial and number one priority on Easter.

Easter is still about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus but very few people celebrate the spiritual part of it, many look at family time.

Family bonds are made tight on such days but that does not justify the fact that we are to forget the initial reason why these days exist, Clara adds

Christians should celebrate Easter more than Christmas because Jesus gave up himself as a living sacrifice, died and rose again so that we are saved. Grace Barongo from Watoto Church says

God is holy and cannot co-exist with sin “for the wages of sin is death…” no amount of religious practice or good deeds can balance out our sinfulness and make us holy.

 It is not about doing religious things but rather accepting the righteousness God has provided through Jesus Christ, she adds

“Suffered under Pontius Pilate was crucified died and was buried. He descended to the dead and on the third day he rose again” this is the true meaning of Easter which Christians should celebrate.

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Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 13 January 2016

At many occasions we find ourselves complaining of being treated unfairly. Kind of makes me wonder if there is anything on this planet that’s fair? Yeah that’s what I thought. I asked a couple of people if they would tell a friend that he or she was being nosy. Some said they would boldly tell that person. Others would let it go even if they are uncomfortable. To others they would ignore the person. Well you see neither of the answers is fair because when I asked them how they would feel if they were told so, all of them said they would feel bad and sad. Is it fair?

Let’s go back to how humans are structured, when I feel sad about it raining on me, someone else is rejoicing that it rained immediately they stepped into the shade. 150 People set out to apply for jobs and you pray to God that you get the place, that you are the best person for the job,  but how about the 149 other people applying for the same spot?  The churches lately are many and that is a good thing, the issue is, why is there competition of who has a bigger crowd? Is it not the same gospel being preached? Would it be fair to church (A) that a pastor of church (B) is spreading rumors about the leadership in church (A), and this does not exclude other institutions and organisations in competition.

See here’s the point I am trying to make sense of: Is there any possibility that it’s because of our nature, our humanity that nothing is fair at all? Why do we place all our energy in the law, determining who gets to be behind bars and who doesn’t. Who gets to live and who gets to die. Since when do we get to play God and judge? Humans always want answers, but what if not all questions have answers right now? Are we going to believe in the theories that have explained different phenomenon but still have loopholes?

Everyone expects to be treated fairly. When something is not fair it is most likely to be viewed as naturally wrong or even evil. People have gone from a culture and society that is built on an idea of equal chances and opportunity into a culture that expects equal outcome. We live in a dimension that demands fairness at all times and in all respects. Look at the feminism theorists they believe female gender deserves equal right with the male. They assume that there is nothing a man can do a woman cannot do.

According to the Ugandan constitution, “ -No person shall be deprived of life intentionally, except in execution of a sentence passed in a fair trial by a court of competent jurisdiction in respect of a criminal offence under the laws of Uganda and the conviction and sentence have been confirmed by the highest appellate court”. Perhaps everywhere else the world alludes to the same sense in the above statement. How fair is a murderer walking freely just because evidence was not proved beyond reasonable doubt? And in any case how fair is judgment? Should we let the wrong doers go away with evil cases? After all we are not the judges of life.

Life is not always fair.  Ecclesiastes 9:11, TLB. "Again I looked throughout the earth and saw that the swiftest person does not always win the race, nor the strongest man the battle, and that wise men are often poor, and skillful men are not necessarily famous." God is not calling for equal treatment, but merely that we would follow the Golden rule to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  God does not seek to be fair. 

For instance, Jesus treated different groups of people differently in terms of access to him during his time here on earth. He reminds us that he gives us all the same grace regardless of merit, effort and time.  The fact is that we have done nothing to merit the grace of God given to us in the redemption of our souls through the death and resurrection of Christ, and if God were interested in being fair, we would all be condemned rather than redeemed through Christ.

..:: By: PRISCILLAR ALINDA ::.. || about: Fairness
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 23 January 2015

Sometimes you turn back pages of life and you wonder how you got to where you are right now?   How did all sorts of unexplainable things happen to you but all you can remember is giving in to do them.

Many people have learnt things the hard way; just because one piece does not fit the puzzle does not mean it’s the end of your life. At times you realize that there’s no better place you would rather be than where you are, even if it’s discomforting, because out there, people are going through worse situations!

Great people that have made it in life did not just build Rome in one day; it took years, months, and days to gather up the success they have attained. It’s not the time to regret past experiences but the time to re write your life according to the dreams that you have always had.

Despite the peaks and pits you have gone through, it’s not the end of the road.
For some it’s the beginning of turmoil and to others the start of an easy journey. Some have learnt that to be a better person is to act one! No one is going to notice your desperate situation and do a thing about it but one thing for sure is that you will notice and do something about it.  This life is not a realm of paradise to walk through, but it’s one with challenges that you ought to win over! Believe me you have probably had this talk before, over and over again, but nothing has changed, maybe you think this kind of talk is some mystery but it’s not.

People are going to rubbish all kinds of words to your opinions, ideas even at the times you have put a lot of effort and devoted a chunk of time to develop something great, well! Are you going to rush back to your bed and feel sorry for yourself or hit the club and drown yourself in alcohol?? Definitely this kind of world is not for people like that!! There has always been one perfect example and much as you might not want to hear it or read it, it’s that one person that had his life straight, Jesus Christ!!! 

Do not give up on yourself; keep trying till you get what you want. Otherwise you’re going to hate everything about life, you will blame it on the books, friends, parents, the government, the country yet in actual sense you stopped trying or even hesitated to beat the challenge!  Am just saying all this because we get exhausted of thinking of what to do without getting things started, but reminding yourself of the kind of life you want will surely get your brains working towards a greater calling otherwise your running out of time.


..:: By: PRISCILLAR ALINDA ::.. || about: Encouragement
Posted by: PRISCILLAR ALINDA || Posted on: 13 January 2014