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The Pendulum
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Articles By nanziri benah

I gave you passion, trust and love.
All that I had in me.
Now I spend time wondering,
Why did you throw it all away?

Sometimes I think I got to close.
I promised not to drop a tear,
Now that its all clear again,
My cheeks get wet over you.

What ever happened to not fighting?
Working all things out together?
I tell myself its going to be okay.
But you keep walking out the door.

It feels like am awakening from a dream.
And now the angels are disappearing.
Oh gravity! If only I could defy you.
May be I could sleep and dream again.

..:: By: nanziri benah ::.. || about: Love
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 14 January 2016

Being with you makes me feel magic in the air.
As if the wind blows when I want it to.
I watch our love grow each day
Everyday I get swept away by what you do.
The only thing that matters now is you.
Everything including my breath can melt away.
Provided I can feel your arms around me.

There is no guarantee that life will be easy.
But with you, no wave can't be swept back.
I will always find my way home because of you.
This world has so much to offer
But over all that, I chose it have you.
You are just like a dream to me.
My strength can't fall apart now.

When I look at you, I see forgiveness.
Now I have inspiration that is just enough.
Like a song that has a beautiful melody.
I can't deny wanting you and loving you.
now that am flying way up high, like a bird.
I don't ever want to look down again.

..:: By: nanziri benah ::.. || about: Love
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 14 January 2016

When I was a child, young and fragile.
I saw Jesus on my father's television
Believing his existence was easy.
And every time I went to bed,
I looked at his picture and talked to him.
I loved his pretty brown eyes.
I wanted to stay close to Jesus.

But now that I'm all grown up,
Everything I knew now seems different.
Complicated, full of fear and,
I don't understand any more.
Now no one knows how Jesus looks like!
And the Jesus I knew was behind cameras!
Believing is now so hard.

Sometimes I sat and read this bible.
Prayed very hard and hoped to grow.
But then I watch people die young
Even the ones like me that read and pray.
Its all confusing and overwhelming.
It makes me realise, not only was I a child,
But also naive and my faith was made stronger,

Today I sit and wish I could be a child again.
I believed in every prayer I made to God.
I was sure my wishes would come true.
But now the world has become cruel.
And faith seems like false hope
Yet it's the only thing I have to believe in.

..:: By: nanziri benah ::.. || about: Encouragement
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 14 January 2016

You take the breath out of me
It seems this heart of mine can't explain.
The ground beneath my feet freezes,
Yet we hold on tight and stay still.
This place once lonely now feels alive.
If words can't describe this, what can.
I'm only praying that nothing changes.

You are the only joy I had ever known.
A heart once cold now feels warm.
It feels more than just a dream to me.
Having you so close to me feels paying.
I don't have to wait for love no more.
Something had to remind me
Of how great life is and can be.

You make it easier to live everyday
If you ever wonder why I look at you
Well it's because your eyes give me hope.
So charming, bright and stunning.
I cry now looking at the way you love.
How can a person like me deserve you.
And if you ask me now, how it feels
To have you, and to hold you?
I will say, it makes me want to come home.

..:: By: nanziri benah ::.. || about: Love
Posted by: Ezra Akampa || Posted on: 14 January 2016

My heart tells me,

that I have found a home.

A place with light that lasts forever.

My soul has never felt gladder

than it is right now.

All the things I have built,

None of them matter right now.

Just being by your side is enough.


My heart tells me,

that I have been awakened.

I could live without everything and nothing:

the music, food, friends and family. But with you.

Nothing holds my happiness now.

Only the love you give that I have been addicted to.

Iam in love with you not knowing how you look like

Nor where you come from


My heart tells me,

You will make all that I call impossible possible.

That is why I choose to give you my life that belongs to you.

Knowing you are somewhere looking at me

Makes me feel more safe and sure of the steps I take.

Because you alone held my hand

from the dark till I saw the sunlight.

My heart tells me,

that I won’t be lonely again.

I shall not run again

Because the one true love exists in me

And that am sure he won’t be going anywhere

Unless his name isn’t Jesus.